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Logo Design Brief

Theme, Look, Style and Feel

Ideas, icons, images or symbols


Logo Examples

These examples are a starting point to help illustrate what we mean when we use terms such as corporate, old world, illustrative, etc. There are not clean divisions between these categories. Most of the logos could fall into several categories.


Corporate logos are simple, bold and communicate strength. They do not necessarily illustrate what a company does. They are basic trademarks that come to symbolize a company even if they are start as a somewhat arbitrary choice.




Text Only

Old World

Other Information

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to fill out this design brief for logo. Please save this file for your reference and email it to us at

One of our team member will contact you shortly. Please feel free to contact us. We are committed to working with you to provide a complete professional image that increases your brand equity and enhances the value proposition of your products/services.

The following information will strictly be used for order fulfillment, and to have a clear understanding of your business; it will not at all be distributed to any third party/service vendor by us.

Your input is valuable to us, and we strongly encourage you to brief as much as you can. However, we will be corresponding with you at every step of the process even after receiving this document as a logo varies enormously in appearance. Any future alterations to the following specifications will subject to additional charges or mutual understandings. Carefully submit your details as it would be the building block for our design work. Feel free to leave fields blank if not applicable. In case of any concerns that you would like to discuss over the phone related to this form, call us at (945) 468-2226 , Note: After design approval and during development phase you cannot ask for stop your project, no refunds will be applicable.

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